I offer you a complex program…

My purpose is to offer you a complex program dealing with hormonal yoga and Pilates method. I will share with you the important information, description of various techniques, modifications of different training positions and I will point out the frequent mistakes and catches.

In this age overwhelmed with information it is very difficult to find a manual such eloquent, interesting and good that it would suit us all. Usually we must go through tons of half-truths and partial advices until we find a solid piece of helpful information.

Not mentioning the heap of misconceptions out of the original context, which are not only useless but sometimes can do more harm than good. This is particularly true when dealing with training, working with a body, breathing, metabolism and diet.

When someone is going to take responsibility for teaching yoga, Pilates or even healthy lifestyle, they should provide all the necessary information not just scraps.

Even the slightest variance could make the exercise less effective and in the worst-case scenario it can induce the completely opposite and unwanted effect.

This manual is intended for those, who already have some skills with yoga and Pilates and therefore they know how to control their bodies, along with novices, who have no experience whatsoever. However, to the newcomers, in the case of any difficulties, I recommend to discuss their health condition with professionals, doctors, physiotherapists, and to find help with executing the exercises from trainers of yoga or Pilates.

Before we go any further I would like to say: Download Free E-Book and Enjoy reading! Let me know how you like it!

Namaste !



Marcela Gaľová
Milujem šport a oblasť osobného sebarozvoja. Ponúkam Vám jednoduchý Program Zdravého životného štýlu a Hormonálnej jogy, ktorý zmení Váš život a pomôže znovuzískať stratenú rovnováhu, zdravie a vitalitu! Viac o mne sa dozviete tu >>

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