Hormonal yoga with Pilates features for women

Introduction to the healthy lifestyle – Hormonal yoga and Pilates

My story

“We belong with those who want to live their dreams.” Is this not a sentence, which everybody would like to say? I did it! I live my dream; I have a job, which is my passion and my hobby.

I discovered a program

The program HYP which combines the three most important aspects of your life and balances them. Mind, body and soul – in simple steps, authentic approach and smile on your face, you will see the first progress in only 2 weeks. You will feel better! Whether you have a bad back, herniated spinal discs, stiff neck, metabolic and hormonal problems or even depressions, relationship problems and anxiety, I have a simple and brief instructions how to get rid of it. Of course, more serious difficulties and chronic diseases you should consult with your doctor, but if you still keep the rules of my program the treatment will intensify.

My program,

Is a practical instruction how to help you if you have acute pain whether it is mental or physical.

SOS first help – a shortcut for regaining balance


If you like The Hormonal yoga program download my E-Book for free –  The complex introduction of exercise program with different options.
Description of basic information with photos and modifications necessary for safely executed exercise, are part of the manual.
In case of any question dont hesitate to contact me, I will be happy fot all your reactions.

I wish you all a lot of success and happy day!

​​​​​​​Marcela Galova

Marcela Gaľová
Milujem šport a oblasť osobného sebarozvoja. Ponúkam Vám jednoduchý Program Zdravého životného štýlu a Hormonálnej jogy, ktorý zmení Váš život a pomôže znovuzískať stratenú rovnováhu, zdravie a vitalitu! Viac o mne sa dozviete tu >>

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    Download Introduction to the Healthy Lifestyle – Hormonal yoga with Pilates features for women, the instruction of exercise sequence with different options. I wish you all a lot of success. Namaste!

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    Vykročte smerom k Zdravému Životného štýlu Načerpajte inšpiráciu a zacvičte si! Stiahnite si E-Book zdarma a zažite úžasnú zmenu plnú vitality a zdravia